About the Friends of the TumbledownFriends of the Tumbledown Dick is a group of principled individuals concerned at the demise of a local pub, the Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough. The site in Farnborough Road has been the site of a tavern since at least the 17th century.

In February 2008 “the Tumbly”, as it is affectionately known, failed a health inspection – Asbestos was found in the building and the public bathrooms “required attention”. The leaseholders, Spirit Pub Company, closed the inn “until further notice”, originally promising a refit, yet today the Tumbledown is still closed, and worse, the Land Registry document shows McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd as an interested party.

Should 277 Farnborough Road be given planning permission to be a McDonald’s outlet the Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough, will be no more. There is already a McDonald’s restaurant in a prime location (at a busy intersection of the A331 and A325) at the Farnborough Gate site just 1.2 miles away. There are fast food restaurants across the road from the Tumbledown Dick where consumers can already buy a burger and fries. All these fast food vendors are independent small businesses and their livelihood would be threatened by the multinational fast food giant setting up in direct competition right across the road from them.

The Aims of the Campaign

What the Friends of the Tumbledown Dick want is:

  1. To save the historic public house, the Tumbledown Dick
  2. To prevent the site being a McDonald’s restuarant
  3. To restore the Tumbly as a public house, a music & arts venue and additionally as a community hub, offering greater benefit than any fast food giant can

If you would like to help the team to save their historic pub and return it to a pub, music venue and centre for culture in Farnborough again then please sign the petition, join our facebook page or follow us on twitter.