The aims of the Friends of the Tumble Down Dick are simple:

  1. To manage the campaign to save the Tumbledown Dick from destruction.
  2. To acquire the building and land for the community.
  3. To create and maintain an inclusive community hub which the people of Rushmoor can enjoy and serve as a focal point for various community activities throughout the year;
  4. To re-establish the live music venue and pub venue.
  5. To promote historical awareness, and engage the community in local history.
  6. To provide educational and training opportunities for the youth of Rushmoor.
  7. To share knowledge and experience with other similar local groups.

4 thoughts on “Aims

  1. P.R

    Truly hope that the campaign to save The Tumble Down is successful and that the land/building can be purchased?

    It is simply beyond belief, that this wonderful and historical building could even be earmarked for demolition, especially to make way for a McDonalds!

    Our young people need us to challenge and fight against such ill-informed designs by the local council. We have a duty to protect such beautiful buildings for future generations, a McDonalds is simply an insult!

    Keep fighting……

    1. Rossi Post author

      Thank you for the support, it’s greatly appreciated.

      Yes, we’re aiming for success and also hope that the land and building can be purchased – there’s just the little issue of the imminent planning application from the fast food outlet to deal with first.

      It is indeed an insult for the council and anyone else to have even entertained the thought of the Tumbledown Dick becoming a McDonald’s. There are hundreds of years of history and culture in the fabric of that building and the idea of it becoming a homogeneous food factory just sticks in my throat – There are already 1,200 McDonald’s in this country but there is only one Tumbledown.

      We will certainly keep fighting. Thank you :)

      Oh, and have you signed our petition?

      And you might be interested in this excellent book called The McDonaldization of Society – It looks at how the fast food outlet is affecting societies across the world and there are some eye opening insights into the giant that wants our pub…

  2. Nathan Brown

    Hi there. Do you have anyone advising you on a suitable legal structure that can enshrine community ownership and enable you to raise finance? We may be able to help with free support through the Co-operative Enterprise Hub. If you are interested, drop me a line with a contact phone number and I can talk through some of the issues with you.
    Nathan, Co-operantics

    1. Rossi Post author

      Hi Nathan,

      Thank you for dropping by, we really appreciate your positive comment. We are in communication with a number of organisations but I will have a chat with the team and get in touch with you at some point to see what other options are available to us.


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