Response to Questions on Funds

On Facebook the other day (13th November 17:42)  Rushmoor’s Empress Ward Councillor David Clifford, made a statement asking the following questions:

I would be very interested to know how much the group has raised from the public and what you intend to do with the money? Would you be interested in investing in a live music venue in Farnborough elsewhere in the town? Who are the members of the committee that look after the funds?

I made a statement on behalf of the Friends of the Tumbledown Dick, stating the following: Continue reading

Are you a musician ?

Are you a musician ?We have listened to requests and we are in the process of organising a

Live Music Event
as a fund-raiser, at the
Agincourt, Camberley
Sat 2nd Feb 2013

(subject to interest.)

Any interested bands should contact [email protected] – with a link to your band page and demo’s. This will be a fundraiser so we can’t pay anyone I’m afraid but it’s all for the cause as it will be a ticketed event. All proceeds will go to the ‘Save the Tumbledown’ fighting fund.

All types of music will be considered, but we already have some cover bands so original bands would be preferred at this stage.

We’re especially keen on hearing from Farnborough based bands, but if you can crank up a good tune and bring some fans… We’re listenin’ !!!