The Tumbledown: Officially a Building of Local Importance

The Tumbledown Dick - Building of Local Importance

The Tumbledown Dick – Building of Local Importance

Yesterday afternoon Rushmoor Borough Council’s Cabinet approved the Tumbledown Dick to be added to the list of “Buildings of Local Importance”.

Our Chairperson, Fran Beauchamp, has issued the following statement:

“On behalf of Friends of the Tumbledown Dick, I would like to thank RBC’s Cabinet and Keith Holland of Planning for today approving The Tumbledown Dick for the Local List of buildings of importance. This is an important and long overdue acknowledgement of how important this building is to local people and means that it becomes a material planning consideration for any present or future owner wishing to make significant changes to it. Our community group has worked tirelessly to save this building from destruction and we can only hope that we will be finally given the opportunity to enact our ‘right to bid’. A good day Rushmoor!”

“To be listed locally, a building must meet only 1 of the criteria laid out in the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The report provided to the Cabinet from their Head of Planning and the Historic Buildings Officer, highlights that the Tumbledown Dick meets a minimum of 4 of the criteria needed for local listing. Although it is sad that the building did not meet the high standard of criteria for National Listing it is apparent to all that the building and site are an intrinsic part of the fabric and history of Farnborough and more than sufficient to meet local listing requirements, it is just unfortunate that it had not been afforded this protection previously.”

“This is by no means the end of our fight to protect The Tumbledown Dick as Bride Hall, the current owners, have enacted their right to have the Asset of Community Value listing reviewed. This means that the Council now need to review the process and the decision to ensure it was appropriate and Friends of the Tumbledown will be submitting evidence in support of the listing in the next few days. We look forward to also seeing the evidence provided by Bride Hall, a national property developer based in Mayfair, as to why they do not feel that this building is an Asset of Community Value for Farnborough and local people who are fighting to protect it.”

“Friends of the Tumbledown would like to thank the public for their continued support in our campaign, in the face of much adversity. We believe that local people have made a difference in changing the agenda for planning issues in Farnborough and if nothing else, we have proven that the community working together can achieve supportive and fantastic change. We only hope that Rushmoor Borough Council continue to support ours and all community groups going forward as this is absolutely imperative in the overall success of what we want to achieve for the benefit of the community.”

“Finally, we now have in excess of 4,407 signatures on our petition, this is a significant public mandate for our community group aims.”

2 thoughts on “The Tumbledown: Officially a Building of Local Importance

  1. Keith

    A building or structure will only be added to the Local List if it meets the criteria. If a building or structure meets the criteria there will be no valid reason for omitting it. – Buildings of Local Importance, Draft Supplementary Planning Document, Rushmoor November 2011

    The criteria for listing was met, therefore the cabinet had no choice other than to list The Tumbledown Dick, had it not been listed, the Council would have been faced with a Judicial Review and cabinet members at risk of being surcharged.

    The Tumbledown Dick met the criteria for listing. The policy is, any building that meets the criteria must be listed.

    A building or structure will only be added to the Local List if it meets the criteria. If a building or structure meets the criteria there will be no valid reason for omitting it.

    It begs the question why was The Tumbledown Dick not listed, and likewise why are many other buildings that meet the criteria not listed.

    – The Queen hotel, Aldershot

    – shops either side of Lidl in Wellington Street, including Jerome the tailor, Aldershot

    – The Ship Inn, Farnborough

    Now that it is listed, The Tumbledown Dick cannot be demolished. This puts paid to plans by the Fat Clown to turn into a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, but whilst it cannot be demolished, it does not protect its status as a public house.

    When considering applications for alteration, extension or demolition of a building or structure on the Local List, the significance of the building, and its particular features of importance will be taken into consideration. If a building is included on the Local List, this will be a material consideration when determining any planning applications that affect it.

    The Council will seek to protect and retain Buildings of Local Importance whenever possible. Demolition should only be agreed where the replacement is of such a high quality that the loss of the locally important building/structure will be adequately mitigated by a development that enhances the character of the local area.

    It is vital therefore a pub protection policy, as required by national planning policy, is enacted.

    That adopted in Cambridge is ideal, and has already saved several pubs from greedy developers. It would not be too difficult to download the Cambridge pub protection policy, make a few minor changes ,and adopt as the policy locally.

    Cambridge pub protection policy

    Once in place, The Tumbledown Dick could only be put on the market as a pub, a pub free of the ties of greedy pubcos.

    The Tumbledown Dick is in dire need of safeguarding and repair. Why has no Urgent Works Notice been served on the owners? Contrast this with the Council serving Notice on the guy who owns a cottage. One rule for the little guy, meanwhile developers are free to do as they please. It also contrasts with Hart serving Notice of the owners of a pub in North Wanborough, a pub that conveniently caught fire in mysterious circumstances.

    Listed building owner battles council over repairs

    Fire-ravaged pub granted urgent protection

    Well done those whose had work and research provided the evidence that ensured there was no choice, other than to list The Tumbledown Dick.

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    Pubs screwed by greedy pubcos

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