The Tumble Down Dick in the News

Since the closure of the pub there have been a number of reports about the Tumble Down Dick in the News both as a headline feature and getting a mention too.

Here we’ve collected links to as many of those stories as we can, dating back over the last five years, which is about the same time since our beloved pub last closed its doors. Note that the Tumbledown has made the Farnborough News headlines every year since it has shut and has regularly been mentioned as “historic” and “much loved”…

The Tumble Down Dick in the News Headlines

The Tumble Down Dick in the News Elsewhere

The Tumble Down Dick in other Media (Blogs)

2 thoughts on “The Tumble Down Dick in the News

  1. Paul Anghinetti

    Admittedly, I’d not heard of the Tumble-down Dick until coming-upon it in page six of the edition of the Reading Mercury for Saturday the 18th August 1858.

    My great-great-grandmother, Lucy Lovegove (c.1822-1867), appeared before the Berkshire County Magistrate, at Reading, upon charge of deserting her family in the Union Workhouse at Bradfield (Berkshire); Lucy described as being a widow, of Pangbourne. Having been previously arrested for debt, upon her release she still made no arrangement for her children but instead made her way to Farnborough, securing employment in the Tumble-down Dick as cook, but apprehended there by Superintendent Crook, under a warrant, and brought to Reading.

    In her defence, Lucy stated she gave-up her house at Pangbourne and intended to enter the workhouse at Bradfield but had received no wages whilst at the Tumble-down Dick.

    The magistrate, William Blandy, in order to give her the opportunity of making arrangements with the Bradfield Board of Guardians for the maintenance of her children, committed her to the House of Correction for six days only.

    Having searched online for the Tumble-down Dick, I was extremely disappointment when discovering its possible fate. Good luck to those campaigning for its preservation.

    1. Rossi Post author


      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to post. That is a fascinating story, thank you for sharing. Do you have any copies of that piece from the Reading Mercury that we can see please? Our Heritage Team are working hard to gather as much documentary evidence of the history of Farnborough’s Tumble Down Dick which was once owned by Symonds Brewery of Reading. I spoke with a descendant of the Symonds family who told us that much documentary evidence of the brewery and their pubs was lost, so I’m sure he’d also be pleased to see any references to our beloved Tumble Down pub.

      Did you sign our petition to save the pub, Paul? It’s at

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