A pint of the Tumbly’s own brew ?

Imagine brewing our own Tumbly Beer!?
This could be a reality if we manage to save the Tumbledown from the hands of McDonald’s. Our own micro brewery on-site all part of our long term vision if we can get the opportunity to bid!

(This is something Rossi & I have been drooling over for some time !)

Thanks to Craig for the image !

2 thoughts on “A pint of the Tumbly’s own brew ?

  1. Terry

    I think brewing your own beer is a great idea, especially if it can be done on site. I would be interested to participate as a (home)brewer and an investor. Good luck with your campaign to save the pub.

    1. Rossi

      Thank you for your support, Terry.

      Yes, we’ve got a contact who estate managed a large portfolio of pubs and gave us a very reasonable figure to supply and install the brewing gear – all we would need is the expertise to get a Tumbly Brew going – If we win our pub back we could call it Ronald’s Rue.

      Watch this space to see how the campaign unfolds and for future opportunities, Terry.

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