Bride Hall Appeal ACV Status of the Tumbly

We have this week been informed that Bride Hall have appealed the Asset of Community Value (ACV) status of the Tumbledown Dick, to the First Tier Tribunal stage. We are pleased that Rushmoor Borough Council do not agree with this appeal and will be defending their original decision that indeed the Tumbly is an Asset of Community Value.

It is most interesting that Bride Hall are going to such lengths to remove the ACV from the Tumbly, despite the local council agreeing that this building is important to our community.

We will keep you informed of the process and we are pleased to inform you that the Judge handling the case has instructed that the Friends of the Tumbledown Dick be offered the opportunity to link with RBC in the defence of the ACV at the hearing. This is new legislation, we are learning as we go, but we are very hopeful that the ACV will be upheld.

3 thoughts on “Bride Hall Appeal ACV Status of the Tumbly

  1. Keith

    I hope you do participate at the tribunal, even if only as observers.

    Yes, it is odd, Bride Hall wish to appeal (yet again), even if they have no case.

    That they wished to see businesses plans, is nonsense. It is none of their business. Do we get to see their business plans? After all it is they who are destroying Farnborough with their unwanted developments.

    They important point is that the community wish to see The Tumbledown Dick in the hands of the local community.

    It looks like the deal with the Fat Clown has fallen through and Bride Hall is getting ever more desperate, as otherwise why are they so keen to quash the listing as an Asset of Community Value? ACV only come into play if the pub is up for sale and it would only be up for sale if the deal with the fat Clown had fallen through.

    What though this illustrates is the importance of having a pub protection policy in place, cf that in Cambridge.

    With a pub protection policy in place, it could only be put up for sale as a pub, ie not the site for redevelopment, and it would have to be free of pubco ties, ie viable as a pub.

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