Our Council have UPHELD the decision to retain the Tumbly as an Asset of Community Value !!

List your local - Tumbledown Dick pub retains status as Asset of Community Value (ACV)The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick are delighted that the attempt by Bride Hall to negate the importance of this historic pub and music venue to the community of Rushmoor and in particular Farnborough has been muted by Rushmoor Borough Council.

The Tumbeldown Dick is indeed an Asset of Community Value (ACV) and one that we are fighting hard to protect for future generations. This latest development only reinforces our commitment to securing the site and reopening it as a community pub, run by the community for the community.

Much is being made about the figures quoted by Bridehall, a Bermuda registered corporation. The Friends believe that these figures are greatly exaggerated and are aimed at putting off potential investors as well as us. Indeed the District Valuer has some time ago valued the property at £1.5m However this previous valuation did not take into account the current level of willful neglect by the freeholder and the leaseholder. The leaseholder has already agreed to surrender the lease thereby removing this financial obligation. Bride Hall in their submission regarding the ACV review showed their greed and their disregard for our community by stating that they would willingly leave the Tumbledown Dick fall to further ruin if they were unsuccessful.

The Friends of the Tumbledown Dick are resolute in our commitment to seeing off the purchase by McDonald’s and ensuring that the building is re-opened and used again.

The documents are available (in full) for viewing here:

Our Rebuttal (our response to RBC regarding Bride Hall’s arguments to overturn the ACV)

RBC’s document to uphold the ACV:

NB: We are very pleased that the local council not only listed the Tumbly as an Asset of Community Value but also upheld the ACV too. For any campaigners looking to save their own pub we suggest that you take a look at the CAMRA “300 challenge” to list your local too.

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