Decision from English Heritage

Dear Supporters
We are sad to announce that English Heritage have declined to list the Tumbledown at this stage.

Their grounds for rejecting our application appears to be solely based on information gleaned from the Turley Associates report commissioned by the Council.

We must remain steadfast in our conviction to save this wonderful heritage building. To this end we will be lodging an appeal with the Secretary of State for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Our appeal will be based on substantive grounds with significant evidence that English Heritage have not included in their findings, they appear to have relied solely on the information supplied by Turley Associates, with no on-site visit or archaeological investigations.

The Tumbledown Dick is a significant public house with a wealth of important historical connections that we are hoping will be protected on appeal. It is worth noting that English Heritage rarely list Public Houses due to the huge number of them and will only do so, in very special cases.

In any event, whatever the outcome, Friends of the Tumbledown Dick will be fighting to save this historic building which has been present in Farnborough for centuries. We will be continuing our fight to save the building from demolition or redevelopment by McDonald’s. We have applied to the Council to nominate the building as an Asset of Community Value and we hope to enact our Right to Bid on the building under the terms of the Localism Act. This work will continue irrespective of the English Heritage aspect.

Friends of the Tumbledown Dick

2 thoughts on “Decision from English Heritage

  1. Steve Clarke

    Hello Scotty,

    The information you have provided, and continue to provide is perfect. I am looking to set out and follow up with a small team to look at aquiring the Tumbledown Dick, to restore and maintain its original heritage.

    I’d like to have further conversations with you, along with idealistics and support. Would you be happy to continue further discussions via email? (Click my alias).

    A big thanks to all your hard work.

    1. Scotty Post author

      Hi Steve, thanks very much for getting in touch.
      We’re always very, very happy to accept support in any form. I’ll email you so we can chat further.


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