Griff Rhys Jones supports Saving the Tumbly

Griff Rhys Jones Supports The Tumbledown

If you’ve ever seen the BBC TV series “Restoration” you’ll be familiar with the format; the show looks at buildings in serious need of repair & funding and votes are cast by viewers over which project to save.

The show’s presenter is comedian, actor, writer and champion of architecture, Griff Rhys Jones, who has a sincere passion for the old buildings on his programme. Griff is also the President of Civic Voice, the national charity that promotes civic pride. When Griff appeared on BBC’s Question Time from the Princes Hall, Aldershot, a few weeks ago he spoke with some loyal supporters of the Tumbledown and exchanged details. Today he asked our chairperson, Fran, to issue this statement on his behalf:

It is a great shame and a pity that such a distinguished, friendly old building on such a prominent site should be allowed to fall into disrepair, simply in order to knock it down and build a drive-through burger bar. Why? The Tumbledown Dick is part of the history of Farnborough. It is the fabric of the story of Farnborough. It has been a lively and exciting place until quite recently. This is a crying shame. It can never be replaced. So come on Farnborough! Get together, speak out and stop the further degradation of your town centre. This is your drawing room. It is not a drive through roundabout. It is the pride and heartbeat of your locality and its time to support the action group here and tell the council and planners that you want to keep the memories alive. Protest. Sign petitions. Make your voices heard and help restore this grand old lady. – Griff Rhys Jones”

Griff joins actor Neil Stuke and MP Greg Mulholland in our list of high profile endorsements and thinks our pub is lovely, so we will certainly be buying him a round or two when we can regain, restore and reopen our historic pub.

So come on Farnborough, get behind us and protect your heritage, save the Tumbledown!

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