An open letter to McDonald’s regarding the Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough, Hampshire

22nd October 2013

Dear McDonald’s,

As planning permission for your outlet has been approved by Rushmoor Borough Council recently, it is likely that you are now in the process of formally becoming the owner of the freehold to this property. We hope that unlike the previous owner, you recognise that with ownership, comes responsibility.

The awful neglect shown to a building that has stood in the heart of Farnborough for many generations and the campaign to save it has encouraged many people to explore this history much more thoroughly than ever before. As a result, we now know a lot more about the development and use of the building through the years. However, the refusal by Bride Hall to allow any physical access to the building for verification of facts, accurate dating and survey of locations that could yield historical artefacts has epitomised the plight of history in modern Farnborough and indeed the UK.

McDonalds has made a lot of statements about being both a ‘friend of the community’ and a ‘good neighbour’, and therefore we ask that you to start living up to these promises by allowing survey work to be conducted prior to any demolition work that may happen and to share any finds uncovered in the process of demolition. This could allow the community you have descended upon to answer a few more questions about their past before you destroy it forever.

We would be grateful if you could make a public reply to this reasonable request.


Friends of the Tumbledown Dick

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