Our mission statement

We have released our mission statement.
You can download it in pdf format from here.


3 thoughts on “Our mission statement

  1. Lorna Llewellyn-Jones

    I was a regular around 1973/75. Don’t live in area anymore. Saw item on southern news. Can’t believe what is happening. Good luck with your campaign.

  2. Stuart Black

    I must admit that until I read the article in ‘News and Ale’ I thought you were an anti-McDonalds movement and my attitude was since no-one has come forward to redevelop the site in the last 5 years, why shouldn’t McDonalds do so ?

    Reading the article put it in a completely different perspective for me, I fully support you and empathise, having been involved in a battle to save a pub in Robertsbridge, East Sussex a few years ago, and it is great that you are using some of the new laws to your advantage.

    I like the Mission Statement – very positive, and love the ambition.

    One recommendation though would be to turn down the ”anti-McDonalds” tone – I realise the press like an anti-campaign but personally I find the ‘restore a local asset and put it back into the hands of the locals’ much more attractive.

    Good luck !

    Stuart Black

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