The Tumbly in the News Again

The Tumble Down Dick, FarnboroughEver since the Tumble Down Dick closed in February 2008 there have been numerous mentions of the Tumbly in the news and media.

Today, Get Hampshire, the online version of the local Farnborough News (And all local News Group local papers for Aldershot, Camberley and Fleet), published the story “Listed building blow for Tumbledown Dick battle” regarding the English Heritage decision not to list the Tumble Down Dick.

The story covers the news of English Heritage’s decision not to make the Tumbledown a listed building, with a statement that:

“The Tumbledown Dick is a building of local interest as a long established pub with historical links to both the local community and military presence in the area, the current building dating from c. 1825.”

Despite the Tumbledown’s own heritage team unearthing a wealth of information on the history of the Farnborough pub, English Heritage went on to say:

“However, from the evidence available, it lacks the special architectural and historical interest required to qualify for listing.”

The Friends of the Tumble Down Dick will appeal  against the English Heritage decision and a statement from this group that the fight to save our important landmark from destruction, or conversion to yet another fast food restaurant, will continue. Fran Beauchamp said:

“The battle is not over. It is not the be-all and end-all having the building listed. It certainly would have helped us, but it will not stop us, we will keep on going.”

The only viable outcome is that the Tumble Down Dick is saved for the community and not for the expansion of either rich people’s pockets or poor people’s waist lines.

That aside, looking online, there have been so many more stories out there about our historic Farnborough pub that I decided to collect them all for reference and for the interest of all supporters of The Tumbly, live music and Farnborough’s history.

For the up-to-date list of all Tumbledown news stories see our new page on The Tumble Down Dick in the News. The majority of mentions, either as the subject of the headline ot deepr within the article, are obviously from Get Hampshire, however I’ve also included some important and prominent blog posts about the pub too.

If you find any more important references to the Tumbledown Dick in any blogs or news sources, please do let us know.

2 thoughts on “The Tumbly in the News Again

  1. noel bramwell

    i feel this histric inn should be saved for future generation to enjoy ,rather than be yet another fast food restraunt that are build to a specific plan that makes them look all the same.
    too many old inns are being closed and converted to shops and fast outlets,why carn’t they find a old petrol station that discused or even better convert waste ground to their restraunt.

    1. Rossi Post author


      Thank you for your support. Yes, even if the main building of Tumbledown were a mere two hundred years old it’s still historic by Farnborough standards. Our aviation heritage is important and they’ve managed to save some of the buildings which are a little over one century old.

      Apparently we’ve lost 20,000 pubs in the UK over the last 30 years so the buck needs to stop here – If we lose the Tumbledown then what’s stopping The Old Courthouse and The Potters Arms from becoming a Tesco Extra or demolished for flats?

      As for yet another McDonald’s, that would put Farnborough well into being a “clone town” and Rushmoor Borough Council’s CEO Andrew Lloyd said words to the effect that he did not want to see that. Aldershot, like Farnborough, has been a ghost town but is now a clone town… Let’s not have Farnborough go that way or else I’ll be moving out… And I personally would miss the Prince of Wales, the last excellent pub in Farnborough.

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